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Faith Revival 4.0 in the Faith Dome


FEED YOUR FAITH | Faith Worship 04.07.21

Live Broadcast
Faith is the vaccine to fear. – The only response to fear is faith. – Feed your faith and not your fear! – When you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything! – If you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all. Isaiah 7:9 (NIV) – No weapon formed against me shall prosper! – No one can curse whom God has blessed. –...

Open the Churches LIVE

This week is an important week for the Body of Christ. The Church is coming together and in one voice declaring ENOUGH is enough! We will see churches open on Easter weekend in the name of Jesus! Join us LIVE from tonight, 6 pm CAT – 8 pm CAT, Sunday – Wednesday Broadcasting LIVE from CRC Pretoria, with ministry leaders from across different denominations and you – the church, reaching...

The Names of God

Now when praying and when you cry out to the Lord, do it this way: the way Jesus showed us. Instead of using your emotions and your fears and the things that are holding you down rather let’s repeat His Word back to Him. So you can say father in the Name of Jesus, Your Word is life to me, Your Word is peace to me; You are my Redeemer....

Faith Today Live

Faith Today Live Monday – Friday Starting March 18 1PM EST 5PM GMT 7PM EST 7PM EST