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February 2024 Newsletter

What a joy it is to encourage you in the Word. The Lord is faithful and true to His promises! He has given us everything we will ever need to live victoriously in this life and overcome every obstacle and opposition that stands in the way of us laying a hold of every part of our inheritance in Him! Jenny and I want to thank you for your continued love,...

January 2024 Newsletter

Praise the Lord for a brand new year we have been given to show off His goodness, His glory, and His grace! The Word of the Lord declared over this year of 2024 is that we would experience MORE and MORE and MORE of God and all He has for us!  Philippians 1:9 says, “And this I pray: that your love may abound yet more and more and extend to...

Merry Christmas 2023!


December 2023 Newsletter

Praise the Lord! December is here and we have so much to be thankful for! No matter what is happening in the world around us – God has made a way, through His very Own Son – for us to ALWAYS triumph in Him! We celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ because He is the Saviour of the Word and our connection to the Kingdom of God! Through...

November 2023 Newsletter

Praise the Lord! As the body of Christ, these are some of the most exciting times to be alive! Daniel 11:32 says, “Those who do wickedly against the covenant he shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.”  While this portion of scripture is prophetic for a particular time  – it is truth that declares the reality for those...

Faith TV USA on DirectTV

It is with great excitement and anticipation that Faith TV USA is launched on DirecTV, literally adding 8,5 million new homes to our broadcast footprint. Industry standards calculate that at 340 million viewers in that footprint. While it is true that this is only a potential viewership, and that we will have to keep working hard at commanding our percentage of that potential, it does give us the motivation to...

August 2023 Newsletter

Bless the Lord! He is faithful and true, and all His ways are perfect! He is our covenant keeping God, and we want to encourage and build your faith as we remind you that He is completely trustworthy in every way, and in all things concerning you! We also want to thank you for the tremendous love and support you have faithfully given this ministry. Our heart’s desire has always...

July 2023 Newsletter

Give thanks to the Lord, for His mercy endures forever! As God’s covenant children, we have so much to be grateful for. Coming out of 3 glorious weeks of revival, our hearts are overflowing with thankfulness! What a powerful time we have had, experiencing God’s overflowing goodness being poured out on every hungry heart.  What a feast we had at the table of the Lord! The wonderful truth that consistently...

June 2023 Newsletter

Praise the Mighty Name of Jesus!  As our partners in the kingdom work of the Lord, we want to stir up your faith today in the Name that has been given to us not only to use, but to live in! This month of June, we are gathering together at the Faith Dome – to lift up the Name of Jesus! We are going to declare His marvelous Name over...

Kenneth Copeland Dome Dedication Service

Brother Kenneth Copeland, a general in the faith, who inspired and encouraged great faith in our visionary leaders, lead us in the dedication of the great Faith Dome to the Lord on Sunday, 14 May 2023. This marked a significant day in the ministry of Faith; our hearts are full of gratitude and honour to God – He is a keeper of His promises! With each gathering in this great...

April News

Praise God for Jesus! This month Christian’s all around the world celebrate the greatest, on-going miracle that mankind could ever receive – the miracle of a re-created spirit – a NEW-MAN in Christ Jesus! Romans 6:6 says, “We know that our old (un-renewed) self was nailed to the cross with Him in order that [our] body [which is the instrument] of sin might be made ineffective and inactive for evil,...

November News

Praise the Lord!!! South Africa is in REVIVAL!!!  We have just come through our 8 city Revival Tour across the nation and have begun our 8 day Revival Celebration in the Great Faith Dome, in East London (Buffalo City)! To say we have been overwhelmed by the response to the Revival Tour, would be an understatement.  We have literally been blown away at the excitement of the crowds of Faith...