70 Days with Faith Today Live

Today marks the 70th consecutive broadcast of Faith Today Live, that has played out on all Faith Broadcasting Network channels and platforms since March 18, 2020.

March 2020 will always be remembered as the time when the world around us changed irrevocably, as nations across the globe placed their citizens on lockdown and closed their borders. The COVID-19 pandemic has since wreaked havoc on economies and disrupted the day-to-day living of millions of people.

Our greatest concern with the lockdowns was principally that it affected the “normal worship” of Christians globally as church doors were shut. Times of communal worship are central to the way in which Christians express their faith in, and adoration of God.

And so, Faith Today LIVE began as a temporary substitute for Christians locked in their homes to still have an opportunity of communal worship and encouragement. Yes, it was a little different since the community now met online and shared their praise reports, prayer requests and general conversation via social media platforms. The Holy Spirit has been faithful and we have seen many people come to salvation, have been able to testify of thousands of healings, and have been fortunate enough to also share the Word and make a place for worship.

Today marks not only the 70th gathering (we call it a “show” in television lingo), but also stands as a testimony to our commitment to serve the Body of Christ with the resources we have available. In addition to the daily (Monday – Friday) broadcast, we have also placed various ministries’ services on our Sunday program lineups for free, where individual churches could still serve their people. What a privilege to partner together with like-minded people that are passionate about the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We trust that you will continue to be blessed by these broadcasts and the Word is ministered to you by various speakers, and as we continue to invite you to join us in song as we worship God.


FaithAfrica @6-8pm CAT; FaithUK @5-7pm GMT; FaithUSA @12-2pm EST; also available live and VOD on the FaithNOW app.